We offer superior craftsmanship and exquisite design at affordable prices to all home and business owners in San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas. Hand-crafted iron work products are unlimited, but include custom fencing, custom-designed furniture, security gates, commercial chandeliers and lighting, railings and banisters. Some of our services includes the following


Aside from their esthetic beauty, railings and handrails play important roles in protecting your safety and that of others. We consistently comply with building code bylaws and requirements while providing unparalleled quality. So, whether it’s for your home or business, let us protect you and those you love with iron work that is both sturdy, safe and beautiful.


Staircases, often taken for granted, have the power to make any space look spectacular. They not only offer function, they enable expression. A new or remodeled staircase can help define and showcase your personal style. We collaborate with our customers to fabricate stairs with the highest function, safety, quality and appeal.


We ensure our gates are fabricated with the highest level of craftsmanship while incorporating safety, security and reliability for your home or business. With our service we offer countless gate entry systems and gate operators.


When property owners want more than “just a fence” they turn to us for premium options in wrought iron. Nothing compares to the strength and durability of a wrought iron fence. Make an elegant statement with iron fencing, and call us today for a free estimate

Doors and Windows

Primary Doors offer an important first impression and should only be of the highest quality. Iron doors represent nobility, distinction and security. We take pride in presenting our customers with design and quality that will enhance the beauty and value of your home.

A Wine Door not only sets the aesthetic feel but it is also important for maintaining the optimum environment within the cellar. Whatever your choice may be, from classical doors to contemporary ones we can turn your idea into a reality.

Our steel windows are not only beautiful—they are built to last. If you have a unique window space in your home, then we can fabricate a unique custom window for it.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call today at (650) 556-3367